Mikasa doesn’t give 10x fucks {AOT/SNK S2EP11 moment}

Ah yes. Mikasa Ackerman. The beloved, gentle, loving character whom we all love from Attack on Titan. Who am I kidding. Mikasa’s bad ass, no fucks giving, kind of obsessive like nature is the reason why we all actually love her. We are reminded in the most recent episode. AOT season 2 episode 11, that Mikasa is not someone to be taken lightly, much less piss off. The scouts finally catch up to Eren and are on the offensive. Ymir doesn’t seem to be on the scouts side as she defends Reiner. And Mikasa lol. Oh Mikasa is not having it. At first she tries to avoid killing Ymir and just sticks to severely injuring her. But when she realizes in order to save Eren she’s going to need to kill Ymir first. She doesn’t hesitate to go for the killing blow, when Christa aka Historia places herself in harms way to protect Ymir. At the very last second, Mikasa changes her position and lands on the back of Reiner’s Titan Form head, facing Historia, who is now on top of Ymir’s head. Historia pleads for Mikasa to spare Ymir. She explains, if Ymir did not do whatever Reiner and Bertholdt said she would have been killed, therefore Ymir didn’t have a choice in the matter on choosing sides. Trying to excuse her actions to persuade Mikasa into sparing Ymir’s life. Mikasa, with cold dead eyes, responds to Historia. “There’s only so many lives that I actually care about. My enemies made deciding that easy, six years ago. So.. you’re mistaken to seek any compassion from me. Because right now, I’m all out of time and room in my heart to care.” Translation. “I don’t don’t have anymore fucks to give. Nor do I care for you or your lez-titan relationship with Ymir, my man has been kidnapped and I have to save my boo. If you’re not my boo or on my boo’s rescue team then you don’t mean shit. And I will strike you down with no remorse.” We see the cold glare on Mikasa’s face as the screen zooms in to her angry determined eyes. I’ve never seen a scarier face than that one in all my anime experience. “Will you get in my way, too?!” 

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