An apology to my audience..

And just like that I abandoned my blog.. suddenly just like that, with no warning. It was never my intent at all. But sometimes life just happens, and I needed a break from everything for a while. I recently had a break up with my fiancee and I think it’s finally over this time around. We are going our separate ways. She will be leaving for the navy in august and I’ll just be doing school again and who knows if our paths will cross again after she leaves. It’s really hard to believe honestly. I can’t say I’ve made my peace with it yet but I have come to accept reality. I’m coping. And I think the best thing for me right now is to continue on about my life on my own. I will never heal if I don’t start doing the things I love again. Starting with this.

I no longer have a computer, and blogging with my tiny iPhone 5 was just too much of a hassle. As well as juggling 3 jobs. I PROMISE to find time again for this blog. I feel so bad for abandoning it but I had no choice but it was only temporary. I am back! I will write at least once a week again. I will work super hard and crazy as well to catch up with all my Dragon ball Super episode weekly discussions. I know I’m so far behind but I will binge watch it this weekend coming and catch up with all the writing for it even if it’s old news at this point. So that way I can be back on track. I intend to review season two of Attack on Titan as well as soon as it’s over. And start Boruto discussions like I do with Dragon ball Super. These are the only future plans I have so far, I want to work on them before I open my mouth and promise anything else. Once I do that I’ll work on other material.

P.S. will probably start writing about Steven’s Universe on here too. I have a great appriciation for the show.

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