After many years, titles like the Dragonball series, Toriko and One Piece will be leaving us this April. Hulu announced on their twitter as well as made an announcement that they will be removing titles as such but not to fret for titles like Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan still remain. But how can us fans not fret? Not panic? These are the classics, the shows 1980-1990s kids grew up on and still watch. Specially series like One Piece that are still running even now.


Toei Animation’s contract with Hulu is ending and they have no intention of renewing it. Starting April 28th those classics will no longer be in everyone’s watch list. So binge watch, binge watch as much as you can. You’ve got two days left! This is truly a dark time for One Piece fans. The ones that got a hulu account for the sole purpose of being able to watch New One Piece episodes, after OP was also removed from CartoonNetwork’s Toonami recently as well. Only to be replaced by Tokyo Ghoul.


I fear now the only way to watch both new and old, OP will be illegally watching it online on those bobo anime websites. Unfortunately this also means OP will be losing money, I hope not 😦

2 thoughts on “HULU TO REMOVE TOEI ANIMATION TITLES!! This April, 28th.

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  1. So far it’s now 11 days past April 28th and One Piece and all the other Toei shows are still up there, although they all still have expiration notices. It’s just that they keep getting pushed back each time the current expiration date nears. Has there been any word on Hulu trying to get their contract with Toei renewed? If so, all these temporary extensions could make sense.

    Also, if One Piece and the other Toei shows do go, it’s not like will be gone from U.S. streaming entirely. Crunchyroll as far as I know still has it, as well as FUNimation’s main streaming site.


    1. I haven’t seen any news on Hulu correcting themselves as to if they will be renewing or not. And I know there is Funimation and crunchyroll but Hulu has always been my favorite source for anime.


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