THE EPISODE WE WERE ALL WAITING FOR! Episode 86. The episode we see Android 17 again.

I’m sure we all felt a little nostalgic last week, finally getting to see this pair meet. The two never did actually get the pleasure of meeting each-other.

The episode starts of with Dende taking Goku to 17’s location. On the way there they discuss the potential of a future warrior. Uub. Dende explains to Goku, he should train this child as he shows a lot of promise. Goku insists he is no good at that stuff but seems to reconsider when he realizes who Uub is a reincarnation of. They soon arrive at the island where 17 resides. He has since become a park ranger for the island. Protecting the rare animals on the island.

Goku quickly finds 17 fighting some goons after a rare animal on the island. He offers help and 17 accepts, explaining not to kill the goons just drive them off the island. The pair quickly finish the goons off. Leaving 17 and Goku once more alone on the island. Back in DBZ Android 17 had already been killed (swallowed up by imperfect cell) by the time our hero was able to arrive at the scene. Even so 17 was quickly able to determine the man in the orange jump suit was indeed, Goku, by his voice. The two are barely acquainted before Goku challenges 17 to a sparring match. Going at him at in his ssj2 form. 17 seems to have no trouble keeping up and even pushes Goku to go ssjblue. Even though in his ssjblue state he still doesn’t use 100% of his power, neither does 17 who is pushed back by only a percent of ssjblue power. They share a meal by a campfire on the island 17 is a ranger at. Exchanging stories. After hearing about 17’s wife and kids and life after the cell games, Goku asks 17 to join the tournament. 17 is suspicious as 18 was. Respectfully declines. Goku explains the situation against Gohan’s wishes but 17 still refuses and walks away. Concluding the episode.

Although at this point I think they are way over using ssjblue like it’s no big deal making it somewhat irrelevant now. This episode was great. And I’m sure other dragonball fans can agree, because there is nothing more satisfying that nostalgia to a dragonball fan.


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