Is “Your Lie In April” over rated??

Annnddddd the answer is…

It’s up to you. Is it? My opinion, it is.. yes.

Granted is it sad? Of course, but does it get you in the gut? Mmm no not really.

Piano prodigy Kōsei Arima dominated the competition and has become famous among child musicians but also controversial. After his mother, who was also his coldhearted, abusive instructor who forced him to play the piano emotionlessly, died, he had a mental breakdown while performing at a piano recital at the age of eleven. As a result, he is no longer able to hear the sound of his piano even though his hearing is perfectly fine. Two years later, Kōsei hasn’t touched the piano and views the world in monochrome, without any flair or color. He has resigned himself to living out his life with his good friends, Tsubaki and Watari, until, one day, a girl changes everything. Kaori Miyazono, a fourteen-year old audacious, free-spirited violinist whose playing style reflects her manic personality, helps Kōsei return to the music world and shows that it should be free and mold breaking unlike the structured and rigid style Kōsei was used to, and as she continues to uplift him, he quickly realizes that he loves her, though she already likes Watari. The three watch Kaori play at a competition and is greatly moved. She is selected to play at the prelims, due to winning audiences’ choice. After Watari stays after school for soccer practice and doesn’t walk with Kaori, she asked Kōsei to fill in. They go to a café and Kōsei shows two girls his piano skills. He does an amazing job, but stops abruptly. He explains later on to Kaori, why this is. She asked Kōsei to accompany her at the prelims. He refuses at first, but after much persuasion from Tsubaki and Kaori, Kōsei finally agrees. Though they have not rehearsed, they do an incredible job, except for the time when Kōsei is unable to hear the notes for a moment. Kaori stops and waits for him, and they eventually pick back up. Because of this, the two are disqualified. When they finish Kōsei and Kaori receive a long round of applause, but Kaori suddenly collapses and is hospitalised. When visited by Kōsei, Tsubaki, and Watari she says she has always been anemic and her father just wanted some routine testing done. She then says she will be fine. Though, when they leave she asks the nurse to hook her back up to the IVs and has a flashback looking out the window in her hospital bed saying, “I see, so I collapsed again”. She is back in school soon after. Kaori invites Kōsei to play at a gala concert with him.

Good good story. Very emotional, heartbreaking. Yes I agree. Totally agree, but I just don’t think it deserves the hype it gets. The manga was better, I felt it more, the emotions were powerful. But in the anime which is what people hype up, it’s boring. Simply put. It’s beyond predictable, all Kōsei does is whine over and over. I understand he’s traumatized but I think there is as much whining from Kōsei as there is screaming in dragonball z. He feels to sorry for himself it makes his character super cringy and hard to tolerate. I also feel like it was dragged on to long. That anime should have been a 12 episode one, half of what it is. It felt like I was watching the same episodes over and over with minor changes. Like the last season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The music although was bomb. I played a couple of the songs, I am a pianist myself after all I couldn’t help it. Other than that, it was a let down and one of the series I’m upset I wasted my time on. It was so exaggerated some of the scenes. It’s so over hyped for what it is. 4/10 in my book. They should have focused on bringing Kosei and Kaori closer together in a romantic way instead of having his best friend cock block him the whole series only to find out she liked him instead of his best friend the whole time and didn’t say anything until he gets a note after death. If they had done that, it would have hit me more in the heart had they had a close bond, like Nagisa and Tamoya! I was sobbing watching Clannad, that’s what the hype makes it seem. Like this series is on Clannad level but it’s not, unfortunately.

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      1. I binge watch anime a lot. But I couldn’t do that with this one, not because of lack of time or the length or anything I simply could not watch more than an episode a day because when I tried watching more I was barely paying attention, it was so uninteresting. I truly don’t understand why everyone thinks this anime is great. I watched all thinking I hadn’t yet gotten to the good parts yet but I never did. The music was the only thing I truly enjoyed.


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