If I could just post these sooner that would be great. Now to go over this weeks episode.

Dragonball Super episode 85. This was episode was like being 20, you spend the whole year waiting to be 21 already. I say that because next episode we finally get to see android 17 again. And that’s what we’ve all been waiting for, although he was a shitty person in the past and in another timeline. Him, 18, and Future Trunks(dbz one) remain my favorite characters. I think we are all also curious to see how his character has changed, he’s no longer the cold evil 17, I assume based on the fact that he’s on our side, the preview and now he’s a park ranger despite having no regard for life in the past.

17 aside. Buu is changed too. Outward appearance wise, he looks very much like super Buu from the Majin saga in DragonballZ. He’s been training hard with Mr.Satan, and clearly he’s improved fast. His fight against Basil was my favorite so I look forward to watching his contribution to the upcoming tournament.

Gohan. Piccolo basically told him he’s a little bitch and that he’s going to toughen him up again. To be exact he said; “I’m already prepared. That soft, weakened body of yours. I’ll retrain it!” Translation. Your a weak bitch now but I gotchu fam. I am really excited as I think all of you are to see old Gohan back into play. This is where we will see if he’s got what it takes or we’ve lost the cool Gohan forever.

The supreme Kais all meeting upon Universe 11’s calling, without Universe 7 and trying to hatch up a plan to make Zeno change his mind. The plan fails when no one can agree with 11. Instead some of the Kais just get hyped up for the tournament. Universe 11 is disappointed when everyone leaves the meeting, saying he was hoping they could all get out of it, but since no one can agree, there will be only one Universe to survive, his. What does Universe 11 have up his sleeve?

Other than, the small glimpse of 17, Piccolo’s announcement that he will train Gohan. There wasn’t too much excitement in this episode. It was brief moments only.



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