Dragonball Super aired it’s 84th episode last Saturday. We got a sneak peak of Krillin’s power up, as well as an idea of how the tournament is going to go down. I apologize for the delay this should have been posted yesterday but unfortunately our power went out and I was unable to access wifi due to the weather. But hey that’s Florida for ya. Anyways some youtuber’s earlier this week were speculating that in order for Goku to get no.18 to participate in the tournament, he was going to have to trick her. Which this did end up being the case. He lied that there was prize money involved. Honestly I’m surprised Goku was able to come up with this lie on his own. Because let’s face it. Goku is dumb as fuck. He almost outed his own plan later by changing the amount of money in his lie. No.18 is smart. There is no doubt in my mind that she’s already figured out that there is something wrong, she’s suspicious and at this point I think she’s going along with it because she thinks it’s important or just to see how it all plays out. At the very least she’s trying to put what little pieces of the puzzle she’s got together. She’s very aware. Noticing that Gohan’s eyes are serious. Wondering why they are involving her brother and her for the matter.

No.18 cunning-ness aside. Let’s talk about Krillin. Krillin has gotten a major power up. One that posed a threat to Gohan. That being said. Gohan was caught off guard with that solar flare x100. But Gohan was also fighting seriously and he got a ring out in the practice tournament they were doing. It could just have been he was caught off guard but to me, Gohan looked like he was struggling. That just goes to show how much Krillin has progressed. But I think he progressed to fast. Humans get out of shape. He was out of shape(for a z warrior that is) a bullet scratched him some episodes ago. He was able to doge bullets easy before. And based on how much time has passed. It’s been like less than a month since he decided to train with Roshi. So how did he go from not being able to dodge a bullet all the way to giving Gohan a run for his money in so little time?? In order for him to have had such a power boost being human and all he should have already been at his prime shape those episodes ago. Unless I’m wrong and more than a month has passed but even then. I’m not trying to discredit him in the least but Krillin isn’t usually the go to man when the earth needs saving. They go to, Vegeta, Gohan, kid Trunks, Goten, Piccolo, even Tien. So I think with this power up what they are trying to do is make Krillin relevant again. Because right now he serves as a background character with as much screen-time as Chichi when he used to have just as much as Piccolo and Gohan. I’m all for that, I’m glad. Krillin holds the position of most relatable to us. He is essential in dragonball being dragonball. But I just think they should have slowed down on his progress with him being human and all. Or at least showed this intense training he’s been going through like it’s described.

I really did appreciate the relationship no.18 and Krillin have been having throughout super. They love each-other and they really work well as a team. I love what they have. I’m excited to see them fight together in the tournament. Although no.18 & no.17 usually fight together as a team so I wonder how no.18 focusing on fighting with and help Krillin out will affect their sibling duo fighting style during the tournament. Will no.17 become a lone fighter?


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