Testament of a Sister new Devil Review

And so begins the adventures of Basara Tojo, son of the legend, known as the ‘God of War’. The young man befriends Mio and Maria Naruse, who become his step sisters. After his father’s apparent remarriage. Which turns out to be a huge lie made by Maria and Mio in an attempt to gain control of the house hold. So there is no step mother, Basara foils their plans. But he decides to adopt them as step sisters anyways after hearing their intentions weren’t malicious from his father who knew about the plan and just pretended to go along with it for their sake. Maria is a succubus who can manipulate memories, this is how the fake step mother comes into play. Mio is daughter of the last demon lord, Wilbert. She inherited his power and is now being targeted by the demons currently seeking power and high social status in the demon realm, including the new proclaimed demon lord Leohart. But demons aren’t the only ones after her. The hero clan, special humans covered in silver armor, with the power to preform magic and summon weapons are after her life. After performing a master-slave magical contract suggested by Maria, Basara becomes Mio’s master and must help defend Mio from the demon and hero clans.

Season 1- 12 episodes

Season 2- 10 episodes + 1 ova

Okay now just to clear the air. Yes this is basically a Hentai. I don’t care what anyone says even if you watch it centered like I did it’s still pretty bad. No not pretty bad, extremely bad. And some what of a incest kink sprinkled in there. I guess since this is probably what everyone cares about I’ll start with the ‘sex’ before moving on to the other parts of this series. Let me explain how the magic master servant seal contract works. Anyone who possess magic at a strong level can do this, it can only be done during a full moon and undone during a full moon. The type of magic used to make the contract determines the servants punishment for disobeying. So let’s say you used fire magic to make the contract if your servant betrays you or even has the slight intent to betray you in their hearts. They’ll be set on fire. And it will not stop until the master stops it. The contract is also used to make stronger bonds and make both servant and master stronger through trust.

In this case Maria made the contract for Basara and Mio and she used succubus magic. :)))))) Can you guess what happens when she betrays Basara?? Go on take a guess… DING DING. She gets IMMENSELY aroused. Why would Basara be the master and not servant to the late demon lord’s daughter you ask? Because this is a harem. JK. It’s because turns out Basara is from the hero clan. He is able to use magic and summon weapons although he has long since left the hero clan village and gone out on his own with his father. Therefore he is stronger than Mio (she doesn’t know how to control her powers yet but when she does she’ll be stronger) and Maria feels as though she’ll be safer with Basara being her master and protecting her versus the opposite.

She pretends to be naive but Maria knows what she’s doing. When the contract is made the servant must kiss the masters hand right on the seal that appears to show loyalty but Mio refusing to be dominated, and doesn’t kiss his hand in time before the seal disappears. Thus activating the curse! Annnndd now Mio is aroused, and Maria being the nasty little horn-ball she is, encourages Basara to dominate her in order to ‘relieve’ the curse. This is where the somewhat incesty hentai comes in. He feels her up, she moans “onee-chan” a couple times and bam the curse is lifted. These instances occur a lot in the series, like at least once an episode sometimes more and they get more.. perverted as the anime goes on. But it is a harem so it’s not just Mio, he preforms the master servant pact with 2 other girls and then Maria just wants a piece of dat ass too and one of his servants, Yuki’s, little sister also wants some Basara. So Maria, Kurumi(Yuki’s little sister) and Mio all mention that Basara is like a big brother through the series(vise versa he calls them little sisters often) but also do things with him. Yuki and Zest are the only ones who don’t refer to him that way.

Now let’s talk about the anime as a whole.  It’s got major plot holes. And I feel as if they tried to hard to make something extremely close to Highschool DxD.

For starts the first season is okay but the second season feels extremely rushed. It had been going at a steady pace and then it concludes in 2 episodes and leaves you with so many questions unanswered. Who is Basara’s mother? Why does he have two? How is he connected to a demon lord blood line? How can he be part of both demon and hero clan? Is his father a dragon? Is Leohart staying demon lord or is Ramsus going to fight him for the position? Is Lars going to get with Ramsus servant? Why did they end the series with a big orgy? Why didn’t he clearly pick Mio over everyone else so they can back tf up? Why has the manga not been updated nor completed? And so on. First off they stuff so much random information in the end. Apparently Basara’s dad is a dragon, but dragons are never mentioned in the series until that point, no one explains who the hell Leoharts sister is really. She’s just some girl who totally killed 85% of the bad guys in the series in a mater of one minute. Literally it took her 1 minute of screen time kill the whole reason behind everyone ever being in danger in the show. And they just say she’s strong and Leo’s sister but no one knows anything else about her? The fact that Basara’s dad is a hero clan member and a dragon doesn’t make sense. The school nurse seems to know who Basara’s mothers are. Hell she may be one of them, based on the way she spoke to him when he was knocked out, but it’s implied that she had some type of sexual relations with Basara so that’s really gross I hope she’s not related to him. They don’t ever explain her relation with his dad or him or even who she really is. Just that she’s there to look out for him and keep watch? The manga doesn’t fully explain the plot holes but some of them yes. You have to watch the ova at the end of season two in order to understand more, like Basara’s and the school nurses relationship. But the series still leaves you with some questions. The animation is A1, the music pretty good too. Battle scenes, awesome as well. The entire concept is good. The suspense at the end of some of the episodes made me want to watch more. I just wish they had expanded it more to explain everything, and I wouldn’t of minded seeing a couple more battles if they had expanded the series. It would have been 10x better with more explanation/story but I do get this is a series more focused on boobies and ass vs the plot and battles. Although I think Yuki’s fights were most entertaining, and my favorite. In the beginning of the series I did ship her and Basara but in the end I see that Mio is a better choice. Even though they apparently are not exclusive. Overall I give the series, 7/10. Deducted -3 for major plot holes, and rushed ending.



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