One Punch Man gets a Season 2! + My P.O.V on OPM

This is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill. One Punch Man is indeed receiving a second season!

Over on Twitter, user @KenXyro spotted a new advert from Shueisha regarding the status of the anime’s second season. In the promo, fans are shown a black-and-white image of Saitama in all his caped bald glory. The photo’s captions then confirm that production is in progress for One-Punch Man season two. No premiere date has been attached to the anime as of yet.

While production has begun, a premiere date for Season 2 of the popular anime has not yet been announced. –


On an Earth-like super-continent planet, strange monsters have been mysteriously appearing and causing disasters resulting in the world’s superheroes rising to combat them alongside the local supervillains. Saitama, the protagonist of the series, is the strongest hero alive in the entire franchise, hailing from the metropolis of City Z who easily defeats the monsters or other villains with a single punch to the point where monsters just explode when struck. However, due to his limitless strength, Saitama has become bored with his power and is constantly trying to find stronger opponents who can present a challenge to him.

As Saitama is active as a hero, he meets various other heroes and villains. He gets a disciple in the form of the cyborg Genos and consequently joins the Hero Association in order to gain official recognition. Despite defeating many strong monsters that even the Heroes Association’s top members are unable to defeat, Saitama struggles to gain respect. Also, he never takes the credit for defeating a monster, which instead falls on King, who was promoted to an S-class hero. Most people look down on him due to his plain physical appearance and some accuse him of being a counterfeit hero. Only a small number of individuals in the series recognize his talent and humility towards others, although this later changes when the whole of the Hero Association witness Saitama’s true strength. –  wiki

Straight outta Wiki.. so did the description bore you yet? As is may come as a shocker. I am no fan of One Punch Man in the least bit. I’ve tried to get into it. Three times actually. Mostly because my brothers are fans and we tend to watch anime together. I tried it for myself once, then got so bored I quit after episode 4. Then I was forced to watch the entire series over, start to finish twice, when my brothers took it upon them-selves to constantly be playing it in both our living rooms. Our house is two stories. The bedroom are all upstairs, no one spends time upstairs unless it’s too sleep because it’s always hot up there. I was stuck on the first floor, both tvs blasting different opm episodes. So I was like alright alright if they like it so much fine. and I finished the series, twice, sine they had been on different episodes and them being younger, I didn’t take the tv away from either of them. Granted I don’t think it’s a total crap show, but I feel like the first episode is like decent, out of curiosity I went on to the next episode anticipating it to get better. But for me it just didn’t. For starter’s it’s super repetitive. I think the villians are wack as hell. Sorry, I mean ridiculous. I feel it’s very childish, with a sprinkle of inappropriate humor here and there. The comedy was good, the animation great, the soundtracks, good. Especially the opening, in fact it’s one of my favorite. As for every other aspect of the show, it was simply a let down. I feel that may be partially my own fault, I had high expectations for a show everyone was comparing to dragonballz. A protagonist that stood side by side to goku, luffy, ichigo all long since established heros in the anime world. Then in just one season Saitama is compared to them just barely after the series got super popular. Amazing right? That’s what I thought. I hyped it all so much, that after watching it, I wished I just hadn’t so I wouldn’t be disappointed. Maybe it’s not a series I’m supposed to take seriously but I did. I give it 5/ 10


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