Black Lagoon Review Anime&Manga- Spoiler Alert!

The Lagoon Company; a team of pirate mercenaries, that smuggle goods in and around the seas of Southeast Asia in the early to mid 1990s. “We’re a delivery company… who sometimes break the rules to put food on the table. Isn’t that right?” Their base of operation, Roanapur. A fictional city located in southeast Thailand. Dutch, the leader, african-american, Benny, the tech specialist, hawaiian-american, Rebekka ‘Revy’ Lee, commonly referred to as “Two Hands”, due to her skill with twin pistols(Beretta 92FS Inox “9mm Sword Cutlass”). She is chinese-american, and the last of the crew is Rokuro ‘Rock’ Okajima, japanese. The story follows these shipmates on their wild adventures as they transport illegal goods and the trouble they get into because of it. Dealing with cuban gangsters, japanese mobsters, a russian syndicate and ex military americans and cuban assassins. Roanapur really attracts the worst of the worst. The series first aired April 2006, as they aired the first and second season, Black Lagoon:Second Barrage. (only consisting of 24 episodes total) Ending in December 2006, but had reruns after that. In 2010 a short season 3 aired Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail. 

Let me just start off with, the ladies of black lagoon are no joke. They are the real deal baddest bitches around. From Revy ‘two hands’ Lee to Chinglish, to Roberta. I really appreciated these strong women in this anime. They weren’t the typical ‘damsel in distress’. They could take care of themselves and then some and they weren’t no super powered women either, just women with guns, knives and a whole lot of balls, lol. The comedy was also something I really enjoyed from this anime. It was a lot of dark adult humor and usually I don’t tend to like dark humor like that but this time I couldn’t help but laugh. Sarcasm is also they key to most of the comedy in this series, usually coming from Rebecca, aka Revy. Although the anime is about a group of pirates pretty much the story centers around Rock and Revy the most. Rock starts off being a totally kiss ass pussy. The Lagoon company kidnaps him, him being the collateral damage of one of there jobs. And when it comes down to it and Rock has a chance to go back home like nothing ever happened. He realizes he’s not satisfied with life back home after all, and choose to not go back with his boss after negotiating with his kidnappers for the file he had that was so very important. His boss didn’t give 2 shits that Rock got involved in the mess and said I’ll fake your death back home in Japan do what you want. So Rokuro Okajima sheds his old identity and just becomes Rock. Joining the Lagoon company crew, setting out to start his new life. Turns out he wasn’t really made for that life. At least not in the beginning. At first he’s scared of everything. A total pussy. His character at first kind of annoyed me but as the story progresses he learns to accept the fact that he choose the hard life of a criminal. He never really fit in back home and he didn’t really fit there either until the middle when he got used to it and learned he’s really not that much of a goodie goodie. It’s shown the most in season 3 which is the ova Roberta’s Blood Trail. Season 1 consists of introducing all the characters and making sure the audience knows this anime is all about guns and death. Unimportant people were dropping like flies. Season two introduces the types of everyday problems the Lagoon company faces living in Roanapur. Like a church with more weapons than the military, an innocent maid who’s real identity is a cuban version of the terminator, or twin ‘vampire’ children who’s assassinating skills are beyond comprehension and are sadistic enough to torture someone by constantly hammering nails into a mans head because he twitches even after death and it’s funny to them.  Ya know the usual. Season three focuses primarily on the cuban terminator, her master, Revy’s horrible traumatic childhood and Rock dealing with his demons and welcoming them. And by far my favorite season.

Revy. Revy. Revy. My favorite character of the show. She has a dark past and has never really been able to open up to anyone as well as really make any bonds either due to early childhood trauma. Not that she really opens up to Rock but she does grow attached to him. Which shows character development, they really only show character development  for those two (and Roberta but she’s a whole different story). That’s okay because they did a really good job of executing it. They do not end up together in a romantic fashion but you can tell there is definitely something going on there. Throughout the series a Nun from the ripoff church teases Revy about her feelings toward Rock. To which Revy usually responds with anger, sarcasm and embarrassment. Sometimes even a little jealousy here and there, when girls start to become aware of Rock. Revy is all strong on the outside but in the inside she’s so broken, and I feel like due to that, she feels like she doesn’t deserve a guy like Rock who she at some points admire because he isn’t tainted like the rest of them but at the same time also tends to be mad or annoyed with him for the same reasons. So she makes no effort to go for it. At the same time she doesn’t want anyone else to take him either. In the manga shes more assertive with her feelings for Rock and more flirtatious. The anime has a sound ending, I was of course disappointed they didn’t openly end up together but at the end of season two but the ending was good. I like the last episode and I can see how Revy has changed since the beginning and become more open. Not fully but I feel in time their’partnership’ will blossom into something else and she’ll be able to face the demons from her past enough to love him and herself fully. Although as for the manga you are not left with a cliffhanger but more like left with a feeling of half empty. Like when you eat something but it wasn’t enough to make you full so you just sit there like ‘ugh’. It didn’t end. They never finished it and so there is no true ending it just stops. It is a little different but overall both were good the anime was better overall, manga was better for all you RevyRock ship fans out there like me. Rumors are the manga will come out of hiatus and be continued starting March 2017. Nothing has been confirmed yet and I haven’t looked into it recently so I don’t know if they are true or not I will do an update, as soon as I find out more about it. You can read Black lagoon for free on the Zingbox app for both apple and android.

I give the anime 9/10

The manga 8/10

And it made it’s way into my top 10 all time favorites.

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