Update #3; Who will Rin end up with? (Shuffle!) Discussion. *Spoilers*

Rin Tsuchimi. The main protagonist throughout the shuffle series. I know this anime is old and nobody is talking about it but there are those who haven’t seen it even now. Like myself. I first attempted to watch this series back in 2013 but honestly I forgot about it. I was watching more than one anime at once like usual and it didn’t really catch my attention. I had been watching the fullmetal alchemist series along with angel beats and it just didn’t compare and got left behind. But I’m back to it now and am currently on episode 12. Shuffle has 24 episodes, and 12 episodes for the second season, shuffle memories. Rin has 5 girls to choose from, from the looks of it. The main battle for Rin’s heart seems to be between Sia, daughter of the king of the gods, and Nerine daughter of king of the demons. Nerine is very bland and overall boring. She’s really quite and shy that’s all we know because they haven’t really given her any spot light. There is no character development. We know little to nothing about her and she’s to timid to actually fight for her man, metaphorically speaking of course. In fact she just watches from the sidelines, like a spectator. She’s overall no threat to any of the other girls. That leaves Sia in first place to win Rin’s heart over. She’s gone on dates with him, had the most screen time with him alone, and in episode 9 they got lost at the beach. Thinking they were on some deserted island and the self proclaimed new adam and eve, was the closets of all the girls got to kissing him and said she would make lots of babies for him. Which Rin then replied with “that sounds nice”. He was totally okay with that. Meaning he sees Sia as a possible romantic partner, where as he treats Nerine in almost a younger sisterly way. They of course are interrupted and they don’t kiss but he was going for it. Eliminating Nerine from the running, because so far she’s in almost to last place right now and I don’t see her making  comeback. But who knows I’m only 12 episodes in, I could just be talking shit right now. Last place would have to be Primula. She’s the loli of the group. She’s just 2 years younger but everyone makes it seem like she’s 5 years old. Rin doesn’t bat an eye when she’s around. They boy could care less. She clearly is slowly but surely developing feelings for him but he isn’t going to go for it. When she’s first introduced shortly after a friend of Rin’s comments on being a craddle robber Rin gets chills and insists he’s not a pedophile. So she’s clearly out of the running.

That’s all I have to say at the moment. I will comment on this subject again once I’ve completed the series.

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