Update #1

I will keep you guys updated on the current anime I am watching. While I watch I’ll post my current thoughts at the moment. As well as what I expect before I watch it and my end thought once I finish it. Just comments I may be thinking while watching as well as speculations for the future plot to the stories. These will just be called updates. I will be numbering them. I will of course put spoiler alerts if there are any. Upon completion of an anime & or manga, because I’ll be writing about both on here, I will write a review for them. As well as a recommendation if the series was indeed good. I do not discriminate, I watch/read all categories. But I do tend to like more the short anime’s that no ones ever heard of. They tend to be good just unknown and therefore can’t compete with the mainstream ones like Naruto & the Dragonball series. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like those either in fact my favorite is Dragonball Z. But I plan to give those short series the spotlight they deserve.

Currently I am watching Shuffle, Sakura Trick and re-watching Vandread.

I will post my second update tomorrow or later today, on my current thoughts as well as speculation for who Rin will end up with in Shuffle, because it seems I’ve lost track of time. It’s 3:36 in the morning and I am tired. Lol

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