Majin Gavin.. who is that? In time I hope you will one day recognize me, as you do some of my favorite youtubers like forneverworld and double4anime.

I am a high school Senior, 18, from Florida studying Culinary Arts @ PSC starting this summer. I’m slowly working to expand my hobbies. What is my hobby? Is it culinary arts? Well yes. But beside being a culinary arts student, I’m also a pianist, a sculptor, a 2d artist and a fan of anime. How is all this relevant? Well it all ties together. This is a blog. My personal blog where I will be keeping you, my fellow followers (most of you coming from my tumblr, I assume) updated on all things anime. But this won’t be any old boring generic anime blog. There are so many out there. So what’s going to make mine different, mine stand out from all the rest? ME! Yes, me. Because along with regular reviews as well as open discussions/debates on anime and anime theories. I will provide recipes and tutorial videos on some of the foods you may all recognize your favorite characters eating. That’s not all I will also provide piano covers of anime ost, op, and ending themes. I’m putting all my talents and hobbies to good use on this blog. Let’s not forget I did say I was an artist. I will upload pictures of some of my anime art works and maybe even sell some. Anime has always been a passion of mine and today marks day 1 of sharing that passion with you guys! I will start a youtube soon. Right now I’m focused on this blog. This is my beginning.

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