THE EPISODE WE WERE ALL WAITING FOR! Episode 86. The episode we see Android 17 again. I'm sure we all felt a little nostalgic last week, finally getting to see this pair meet. The two never did actually get the pleasure of meeting each-other. The episode starts of with Dende taking Goku to 17's location.... Continue Reading →


If I could just post these sooner that would be great. Now to go over this weeks episode. Dragonball Super episode 85. This was episode was like being 20, you spend the whole year waiting to be 21 already. I say that because next episode we finally get to see android 17 again. And that's... Continue Reading →


Dragonball Super aired it's 84th episode last Saturday. We got a sneak peak of Krillin's power up, as well as an idea of how the tournament is going to go down. I apologize for the delay this should have been posted yesterday but unfortunately our power went out and I was unable to access wifi... Continue Reading →

Update #5; DragonballSuper, HaremVS, Top 10 List

I've decided to go ahead and follow up the top 10 opening theme idea. As well as I'm going to partake in reviewing dragonball super episodes as they come out. Annddd I'm going to do a discussion on, Testament of a sister new devil VS. Highschool DxD. Stayed tooned!

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